10th annual Foundations of Digital Games

In June 2015, the 10th annual Foundations of Digital Games (FDG2015, www.foundationsofdigitalgames.org) conference was hosted at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California, USA. Martijn Kors and Ben Schouten attended the conference to share our PGiC design-oriented research focus. At the conference Martijn presented his paper A Foundation for the Persuasive Gameplay Experience, which opened a discussion among fellow game researchers concerning practical strategies for the design of persuasive gameplay. The paper presents a positioning of Martijn’s design-oriented research focus and a model to understanding the role and influence of attitudes during gameplay. For Ben Schouten the conference was particularly special as in total five members of his Play & Civic Media research group at the University of Applied Sciences were invited to present their work at the conference.


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