Validation Miniconference

As part of efforts to push the field of persuasive games research forwards, the PGiC team hosted an academic event on Friday the 20th of May, 2016 that was geared towards the validation side. At the Erasmus University, 18 researchers from different countries gathered to discuss how best to channel efforts to validate persuasive games.
Although there is growing consensus that these games as a medium are viable strategies for persuasive communication, the way research has been performed up until now was mostly aimed at looking at single games as discrete packages. Potential further avenues for research were discussed that could help to prove a model for the impact of persuasive games. Such a model can be used to predict the impact of games that have not yet been studied as well as describe the differences in persuasive potential of persuasive games and other media. The event served to more closely link different research tracks that include persuasive games as their object of study.
The program of this event can be found here.