Persuasive Gaming Conference

The Persuasive Gaming Conference (PGC) is the closing event of the “Persuasive Gaming in Context” research project, a collaboration between Utrecht University, the Technological University Eindhoven and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. The PGC will take place in Amsterdam on 15 October 2017, connected to CHI PLAY 2017.
This conference is concerned with the characteristics, design principles, and effectiveness of persuasive gaming. Thus far, combining the contributions of different theoretical traditions have been rather uncommon in Persuasive Game Studies. In this conference, we will critically integrate what has been accomplished in separate research traditions. In it, contributions from different disciplines help to reflect on how gaming practices combine the dissemination of information with attempts to engage players in particular behaviors and attitudes.


VenueMarineterrein, Amsterdam


Prof. dr. Joost Raessens (Utrecht University)

Session 1. Persuasion through Digital Games

A critical assessment of previous theory and research on persuasive gaming and proposes new approaches in the context of playful interaction as a theoretical extension required by the contemporary gaming landscape.

Introduction: Dr. Teresa de la Hera (Utrecht University)
Dr. Ian Bogost (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Dr. Miguel Sicart (IT University of Copenhagen)
Dr. Sebastian Deterding (University of York)
Dr. Geoff Kaufman (Carnegie Mellon University)


Session 2. Designing Persuasive Games
Design covers both the research on design principles, strategies and processes that support in the design of persuasive games as well as insights gained through the creation of persuasive games.

Introduction: Prof. dr. Ben Schouten /Martijn Kors (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Dr. Mary Flanagan (Dartmouth College)
Dr. Lindsay Grace (American University)
Dr. Sun Joo Ahn (University of Georgia)
Dr. Menno Deen (Lapp)


Session 3. Assessing the Effectiveness of Persuasive Games
Research on effects of persuasive games and case-based evaluations of persuasive games and their impact.

Introduction: Prof. dr. Jeroen Jansz / Ruud Jacobs (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Dr. Mette Wichmand (Roskilde University)
Dr. Chad Wertley (Robert Morris University)
Dr. Yu Hao Lee (University of Florida)